What is  Corporate Sales?

Corporate sales or Business-to-business sales involve working in a company that sells directly to other businesses. Corporate Sales increase your revenue by aligning people for working together and generate leads for target market. A corporate sales executive can be a part of the organizations’ feet on street sales team or telesales team and can be selling products like IT Base Products or Automobile Parts.

How Lahorepk operates in Corporate Sale Sector?

Corporate Sales of lahorepk is one the most highly sought in Government and Private sectors. Lahorepk surrounds its corporate department on every type of working setup like Government Departments, Private Offices (IT base products  mostly) in Pakistan.
Toys and kid’s play area for Daycare center are highly demanding products now a days for our corporate department. Below are the figures which shows how we can operate in this field with our team and the institutions are surrounded by lahorepk.

Corporate Sales 90%
Whole Sale 80%
E-commerce 70%
  • Govt. Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Educational Institutes

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